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The SunnySider

Let’s call this the midsummer report!  There are still many weekends left, summer days to enjoy, and evenings around the fire to reminisce. Waves of summer have allowed us all to enjoy the days floating in the lake and water activities. At times we have appreciated the comfort of the air conditioning. The Sunnyside Crew continues to be busy maintaining the park and adding to our facilities as well as service requests.  Recreation activities have been very successful this summer with more to come. We do appreciate the number of e-mails complimenting our staff and their efforts to provide a safe, clean, fun facility for all to enjoy.

The Office Staff have been busy preparing your Rate Summary as well as your 2024 Site deposit and Hydro invoice, these two items will follow this midsummer report, in two separate emails, by the end of this week. Your Rate Summary includes your site fees and pricing updates for the 2024 season. Please review and ensure to note all due dates and amount due for deposits, and for out of season payments. Site deposits (including your hydro) must be received no later September 8th, 2023, by closing time at the Office (4:00pm), or late fees will be incurred.  

We understand in today’s economy with interest rate hikes everyone is watching their budgets. We are trying to keep our costs down to help maintain the excellent services we offer. It is expected that this fall we will begin construction on some part of our new sewage collection system. We may need to manipulate sites and infustructure to accommodate this system. We will notify members prior to any work or impact to those sites that will be affected. This project will hopefully ensure the longevity and prosperity in our park for years to come.

As part of a group being led by Camping in Ontario, we have been able to convince local council to pause the discussion on campground licensing until the fall. This will give business owners time to collaborate and discuss this with local officials. We hope this has a limited effect on our business and our members in the future, and as always, we will be sure to keep our members informed.  

Sunnyside would like to thank our members and staff that volunteered their time to help run activities at the Country Fair on Charity weekend. Jenna and Kaitlyn really appreciate the help when running these large events and it would not be possible without the amazing volunteers... having volunteers is what makes these large event days possible. Sunnyside raised a total of $1,300 for It takes a Village Dog rescue, well done! 


There will be two more Raffles over the next two long weekends with prizes such as dinner and a show at the Cove in Westport, the Westport Brewery and 2 nights accommodation at Kingston Market Square Hotel. Get excited and get ready for the rest of your summer to be filled with fun!

It has been a slow start for the Beach House cottage rental. The feed back that we have received from families that have stayed have been very positive. It is a great spot for family and friends to enjoy the Sunnyside atmosphere. Truly top-quality Glamping.  Check out our website for more information!

We have unfortunately had to say goodbye to some long-time members this season. With these departures, we are lucky to welcome new family members to our Sunnyside Community. Please make our new members feel welcome and provide them with your wisdom as they climatize to life at Sunnyside. 

A few quick reminders for the remainder of the season. 

  • Docks: All boats must be removed from docks by September 22, 2023. We will be removing the docks on Saturday the 23rd. The sand beach and the boat cove areas will be closed as of the 23rd of September. 

  • Pump outs/Garbage: The last day for Pump outs and Garbage will be Monday Oct 10th. All Services will be shut down as of Oct 10th.

  • Winterization:  Sunnyside provides a winterization service including your last pump out. Please book your Winterization after Sept 10th.  You can refer to your Rate Summary, as to when payment is due for winterization.

  • Park access: Entrance into the park after October 10th will be limited to walking in only, this includes no golf cart usage.  Please notify the office prior to arrival that you will be visiting.

  • Boat Winterization:  Fix and Wrap will be in the park wrapping boats for storage in late September. Ask the office for their contact info.  Winter boat storage is available in the boat yard, or covered storage under the Pavilion. Check your Rate summary for boat storage pricing in the off season and be sure to let the office know if you will be storing your boat at Sunnyside over the winter months, as we will tag your boat/trailer.

  • Payments: Please be sure to check your Rate Summary for the mandatory payment schedule over the winter months, including how much those payments should be.

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