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Happy New Decade! Miss us yet?  We sure are missing the warmth and sounds of summer!  Hopefully, Wiarton Willie’s prediction will come true for an early spring. 

Since you last saw us, we have been keeping busy moving and installing trailers, decks, and Sunspace as the weather has allowed us. The staff has been busy with planning, training, and updating the website.  We have also enjoyed some downtime over the holidays to enjoy friends and family and recharge our batteries.  Now we are busy getting ready for a fantastic 2020 season. 

As previously stated, please check out our new fresh Website, Talia has updated pictures, info, and gave us a new look.  Please use the website for everything Sunnyside and especially to share with friends and family.  Remember you can book your services, pump-outs and keep updated on our rec calendar via the website.  This would be a good time while checking out the new site, to book your trailer opening for the 2020 season. 

Sunnyside was very pleased last season with our business partnership initiatives.  Developing these relationships with other local businesses, such as Kudrinko’s, Norris Bait shop, Fix and Wrap, and others allow us to enhance our service and your experience here at Sunnyside. We hope to continue this approach to bring you better services. 

As well as the business partnerships, our enhancements at the Welcome Center, park lighting, landscaping, walking trails and, members' use of the watersport resources were all wonderful new additions in 2019.  Our new boat storage facility was opened last season with some issues. We are working to make this area easier to use for the 2020 season. Those members renting seasonal docks and lifts can store their trailers for free for those watercrafts in season.  All other items will be charged a storage fee, and out of season fees apply to everyone.  Please do not leave utility trailers etc., in the visitor parking lot. We are already planning new additions to our facilities for 2020, stay tuned for updates on these additions! 

Last season a few changes were made to Sunnyside’s Policies, the most notable was the addition due to the legalization of Cannabis by the federal government.  This legislation has little impact on our operation; however, we maintain that it is the right of the individual to make the choice medicinally or recreationally to use cannabis or not.  Our policy is that members may only use Cannabis products while restricted to the members' registered site.  Please be respectful of the members adjacent and surrounding your site.  Members may not grow, sell or distribute Cannabis products on Sunnyside Property.  Please, as with all Cannabis products, do not smoke or vape in or around our public areas, this includes buildings, beaches, playgrounds, and the pavilion. As with alcohol, Cannabis products impair your abilities, so please do not operate vehicles including golf carts, and watercraft while under the influence.

We would also like to remind everyone about the quiet hours, please refrain from making loud noises at any time of day, especially after 11:00 pm. Please be respectful of those around you and our staff.  It is very difficult for Sunnyside staff members to enter a larger group in the dark to ask them to respect the quiet hours. This policy is in place to make it an enjoyable environment for all. 

Again members can take this opportunity to refer to our new website,, where under the “More Info” tab you’ll find the polices and be able to refresh your memory on things like policies.  These policies also cover concerns about dogs on leashes, selling and age of trailers, unauthorized use of trailers, use of drinking water and information on boats, docks, decks and much, much more.

As we hit the 2020 mark, there is a notable date to remember.  Any trailer 1995 and older at the end of the 2020 season, will be 25 years old and owners will be asked to upgrade their units.  This sliding scale on trailer age is due to the safety and esthetics of units in our park.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the office for clarification. 

Sunnyside will be updating our emergency response plan and procedures this year.  We will issue all members with an emergency plan pamphlet to be kept as a resource in the event of an emergency.  As weather events seem to be on the increase, as well as recent medical and fire emergencies this was a good time to update our information.

Friday, May 1st will be opening day of the 2020 season. As in previous years please make sure your accounts (and new this year) your License of Occupations are completed, signed and paid in full prior to opening to have your gate cards activated.  The office will be open on May 1st, 2020 at 10:00 am.  Cards will not be activated for those members with outstanding accounts unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

You are welcome to visit Sunnyside anytime in the off season prior to opening day.  Please remember that washrooms, garbage, and other services are not available until May 1st.  If you are raking leaves, please make sure leaf bags are used and covered for pickup.  No vehicles are permitted inside the park until opening day unless prior arrangements are made with the office in extreme circumstances. This will protect our roads and our water/electrical lines.

As in past years, we are currently putting together our recreation program for the summer.  If you have ideas or would like to run an event, please contact the office or Kaitlyn to discuss.  We are always looking for volunteers and would love to have new ideas.  Staff can not do it all, so we need your help in making this another memorable summer!

The Scott Family. 

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