The SunnySider

The 2022 season is quickly approaching, with opening day May 6th, 2022, just around the corner. We are busy working on getting the park ready and soon will be welcoming back all our seasonal staff.  The office is preparing to send out invoices, seasonal agreements and our principles and standards agreement.  Please note that all seasonal fees and paperwork must be completed prior to opening day to ensure your gate cards will be activated on May 6th. To streamline this process, email transfers along with your signed documentation can be sent to

The last two seasons have been difficult for all of us and dealing with the Covid pandemic. As restrictions remain fluid, we will try to update our members as we are informed.  Currently, all masking restrictions are lifted, and our facilities will be fully opened for the 2022 season.  Please be respectful of others and their choices and comfort level with mask wearing. We still ask members to be diligent to limit the spread of the virus and Sunnyside will continue to provide sanitizing stations in public areas around the park.

Sunnyside and staff have continued to have a busy off season.  As well as updating current facilities we hope to expand our network of nature trails and add some new items for our recreation facilities.  Kaitlyn has been working on the recreation activities and will hopefully be able to have some normal programing for this season. Please contact her to express your ideas and offers to volunteer.

We would like to update you on a few items that came up over the past couple of seasons.  We have been working with our engineers concerning our septic treatment facilities.  You may see some large holes in our top fields as we dig test holes for our new facilities.  This project is still in the planning and development stages.  To comply with provincial standards, this project will be a substantial investment for Sunnyside and our future.  We have purchased new pump-out equipment which will enable us to better service our members. As part of our plan, we hope to phase in a collection system servicing our sites.  We hope there will be little disruption to our season and most work will take place in the off season, over the next few years.  There have been some questions regarding MPAC and assessments of units in the park.  MPAC assessments in 2021 have had a significant increase in property taxes for Sunnyside.  Since site pricing was set last August there will be no change in site pricing for the 2022 season.  These tax increases will influence pricing for the 2023 season. 

We will be issuing a new price list for services along with this newsletter.  In conjunction with the increase of taxes there are several recent factors that have added to the increases.  We have all seen gas prices going up, along with just about all commodities and shipping of these items.  We have also had increase to the minimum wage which also effects all other wages.  We continue to try keep our rates economical for families to enjoy the Sunnyside experience.  Please ensure that to keep these rates economical, that waste that is put into our community are minimized to household garbage only.  This means no items larger than what can fit in your kitchen and bathroom garbage can.  Should you need larger items to be disposed of, either take it home, or inquire at the office for disposal rates.  This would be a good reminder about our Excellence of Service packages!  Please let us know if you are interested in a package this year.  There is a breakdown of each package, as well as costs, on our website!  

The final administrative issue we have been dealing with during the winter season has been, that the Township of Rideau Lakes has implemented a land use study for campgrounds.  What conclusions and actions may result from this Township study on campgrounds has yet to be determined.  We along with several other campground owner/operators and association representatives have been working very hard to make sure our voice and opinions are heard.   We are working in yours and Sunnyside’s best interest to have little effect on our operations.   If you would like more information, you can visit the Township of Rideau Lakes website.  We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our members due to more restrictive practices put in place by the Rideau Lakes Township, that any and all additions made to your site (i.e., deck building) must be approved by management.

Reminders to members to check your e-mail, or our Sunnyside Members Only Facebook page to keep you up to date on Sunnyside news. If you are visiting Sunnyside prior to opening day, please remember that no vehicles will have access to the park which includes the use of golf carts.  There will be no services including, water to your site, washrooms, office, or garbage collection until opening day on May 6th/2022.  The sand beach and docking areas will remain closed until docks are installed. Please ensure that our younger members are not using the beached docks as a playground!   Leaves must be placed in paper leaf bags and left at the corner of your site for pick up.  Sunnyside side does offer a spring opening option for those who would like to be able to come in and relax without having to open their units.  Please sign up for your spring opening via email to, or a phone call to the office at 613-273-3124. Base price for spring openings is $85.00, plus HST.


It won’t be long now until we can reconnect, sit around the fire, look at the lake and hear the loon’s call.  It’s been a long winter…Let’s hope for a great summer.


Happy Camping,

The Scott family, and Sunnyside Staff