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Spring 2019

 Welcome back! It’s hard to believe we have passed the first long weekend of the season. As challenging as it has been so far, we are happy to reunite with all of you and rekindle those relationships.

We would first like to express our extreme gratitude to all our staff this year. We have a great team and they have been working extremely hard as we welcomed back our seasonal staff as of the first week in April. We are very close to being 100% operational, and with the dedication of our staff and amazing volunteers, (Brian, Steve, Peter) we had the docks completed in record time this year. We will give a little thanks to mother nature in giving us a reprieve on the wet weather.

It has been wonderful having conversations with many of you expressing your excitement for the upcoming season and how Sunnyside is the catalyst for their family time, friendships and social circles. These types of conversations make the countless hours we spend working, preparing, and organizing for each season well worth the effort. In one such conversation it became quite evident on how much time we do spend working on Sunnyside projects, as it has only taken me 20 years to side the farmhouse. 2019 goal is to finish!

We unfortunately don’t have enough hours in a day or quite often Mother Nature’s cooperation to accomplish everything we would like to. We continue to work on the ideas provided by you in the 2018 survey and are always open to suggestions and positive conversations with regards to the park, because in the end it is for you that we do what we do. To hide behind some anonymity or negativity does no one any good, instead let’s have open positive conversation as I have had with many other business owners in the park.

Thank you to those members for your insight and perspective, quite often a different outlook or a fresh new approach can be a building block to something fantastic. Please feel free to bring us those campfire conversations and ideas, who knows where they will lead. This type of co-operative approach is sure to bring us a great future here at Sunnyside.

We are always asked “So how was your winter?” Well to be honest we spend most of the time preparing for the next season. Over this past winter we spent time building partnerships with local business to help bring our members the best services. In the past we have built partnerships with Sunspace, Northlander, Atlas and Keystone Trailer parts. These partnerships have allowed us to pass on the savings of these exceptional products and services to our members.

This year we have welcomed Kudrinkos grocery products into our store, come and see what we have available. Fix and Wrap has a line of boat parts and recreational items that we hope to stock soon, as well as offering their winterization service. DRSS will be available to perform our propane service, parts and repairs.

We try to buy local to support the local economy and would like to thank you for your support of our products and services. This support allows us to keep seasonal costs down, to invest into the facilities, build new infrastructure and have creative recreation services. In 2019 we planted 18 new trees to enhance our landscape and support the local Westport in Blooms initiative. Stay tuned for more to come!


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome new Sunnyside members …the Pearson’s site 101; Capps, site 17; Patrick’s, site 114; Holland’s, site 1; Horvath’s, site 39; Kidd’s, site 157 and the Robertson’s, site 21. Please take the opportunity to welcome them to the family.


Once again, we are always in search of new ideas and volunteers for our recreation programs and events. Thanks to Colin and Vanessa Zwaagstra who will organize the Father’s Day pancake breakfast, Carol Boisvert and J.C. Desjardins for 50/50 and DO IT FOR DARIN weekend July 20th. I must also commend some of our younger members: Matt Ivay for his documentary video of dock day which I hope to share with everyone soon. Carson Tompkins for putting all the balls back in the box in the park. Nick Baker, Thomas and Colton Armour who helped set up for our wine and cheese party, and Fraser Mckenna for helping clean up. To those members who check in weekly to see if we need anything picked up in the city, we Thank You. These volunteers and kind gestures from our Members make a huge difference in our daily operations.

The Scott Family. 

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