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Guest Registration Form

Please fill in all fields for each visit.


Name of Sunnyside Member and Site Number*

Please enter the first and last name for the Sunnyside member and their site number.

Date of Arrival*

Ex. Monday June 4th

Date of Departure*

Ex. Friday June 8th

Names of Guests*

Please list all guests, FIRST NAME only required.

*Please note that there is a limit of 8 guests per site.

Guest Vehicle Information*

Please enter your guest(s) vehicle information below.

If your guest is arriving with you, (member) please fill your vehicle information.

Guest Vehicle #1:

Guest Vehicle #2:

Guest Vehicle #3:

Guest Vehicle #4:

Guest Fees*

Please state the method of payment for the guest fees.


Children (age 3-13) Monday to Thursday: $10, Friday to Sunday and Holidays: $12

Adults (+14) Monday to Thursday: $12, Friday to Sunday and Holidays: $14

Senior (65+) Any Day: $10

Grandchildren (age 13 and under): N/C

Out of Season registered guests: N/C

Please check a box:

*Please not, members account will be charged if fees are not paid.

*Must come to office for your visitor card to be stamped



The campground is not responsible to me, my family or associates for any death, injury suffered or loss due to theft, fire or other causes. This fee is for campsite use only and use is subject to adherence to the campground's rules and/or policies and procedures. Violation may result in the withdrawal of permit in the Provincial Trespass to Property Act.

I have read and agree to the above conditions.

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