L.E.D. Strip lighting

Finally, an LED light strip that is functional AND affordable.

This 5M,  12V  RGB  50/50 strip with 60 LEDs per meter for a total of 300 LEDs, is waterproof and has 3M tape on the back.    It comes with its own remote and controller.   Also included, is a power plug with wires to connect the strip to your 12V system.

Each LED square has red, green and blue, making it possible to easily achieve colours like orange, purple, turquoise, or yellow, as well as the solids, white, blue, green and red.

Up to two strips maximum can be connected and work from one remote.    If the full length of the strip is not needed, it can be cut at designated areas (4 copper bars with cut line) every three LEDs.

NOTE – if the strip is cut, the cut end must be sealed with silicone.

Useful in a variety of applications like decks, under cupboards, cockpits, windows, gazebos, pergolas, spas, pool areas or anywhere you can imagine.



$49.99 each.